Cloth Wipes


I learned only recently of the havoc wet wipes are causing on the environment and our sewer systems. I thought they would be a good place to start with being more environmentally friendly since I recently had a baby and was using them all the time. I am so glad I made the switch! These ones are very easy to put together and have not been too much of a bother to clean. Give it a try, here’s what you need to know to get started!

Environmental Impacts:

  • There is no wet wipe that is biodegradable, therefore generating 7.6 billion pounds of garbage each year.
  • Wet wipes are the 3rd largest consumer item in landfills and represent 30% of non-biodegradable waste.
  • Wet wipes are not meant to be flushed down the toilet but people flush them anyway which clogs up our sewer system causing major damage.
  • Wet wipes contain a long list of chemicals you don’t want near your baby’s bottom.

Getting Started:

I bought these hemp wipes which are 12 for $12 as well as this solution which wets 1,000 wipes at the AMP Diaper Store. If you wanted to be really dedicated you could make your own wipes and solution, there are a lot of resources online, such as here or here. I would recommend having at least 24 cloth wipes so that you don’t have to do laundry everyday.

Before you make your first batch of wipes, if you are using materials that are made of natural fibers such as bamboo, hemp or cotton, it is recommended that you wash and dry your wipes 3-4 times before you use them to make them more absorbent.

Once you have your wipes and solution, you have two options; To soak your wipes and keep them in a container. Or leave your wipes dry and put the solution in a spray bottle to spray on your wipes when needed. I chose to pre-soak my wipes.

  1. Place one baby bit in 1 cup of warm/hot water (I use the kettle) and let dissolve (approximately 1-2 minutes)
  2. Pour the solution into your container (I reused an empty Pampers wipes container) then layer your wipes pressing down on them so they absorb the liquid.
  3. One Baby Bit soap will soak approximately 10 cloths, but if you find the solution too strong smelling (it has a lavender and tea tree scent) then you could add more water which would soak more cloths.

Now your cloth wipes are ready to use!!

Cleaning Your Wipes:

You can use a plastic bag or container next to your change table to put used wipes in, or you can buy a wet bag which come in all different sizes and fun designs. They can be purchased at AMP Diaper Store, Nest Family Center, Amazon or Etsy (as well as other places i’m sure, but these are a start).

When the wipes are ready to be washed, you will need to do a cold rinse first. Then a hot wash with very little detergent (like probably a teaspoon at the most). Do not use baby soaps or natural oil based detergents on your wipes. These are the brands that are recommended to be used with the cloth wipes.

  • Allen’s Naturally
  • Country Save
  • Tide
  • Sunlight
  • Cheer
  • Gain

Then you can either hang to dry or dry on medium heat.

Other Uses:

  • If your kids are past the diaper stage, cloth wipes can be used to clean up messes on hands and faces as well.
  • Take them on the go in a small wet bag, or zip lock bag
  • Use cloth wipes around the home instead of paper towel to clean up messes. Mix 1 cup water and 1 cup vinegar in a spray bottle and use on countertops in the kitchen or bathroom, stoves, backsplashes, floors or the exterior surfaces of the toilet.
  • Use them in place of cotton wipes when removing makeup


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